Radical Reactions of Carbohydrates

Volume I: Structure and Reactivity of Carbohydrate Radicals

Volume II: Radical Reactions in Carbohydrate Synthesis

About the Authors

Roger and Edie Binkley are long-time residents of northern Ohio. Before retiring they lived in Cleveland Heights, an eastern suburb of Cleveland, and after retiring they moved to Oberlin, a small town west of Cleveland. One of their activities is to write about carbohydrate chemistry. Their first joint effort was the book "Carbohydrate Photochemistry". Work on this first book stimulated their interest in radical reactions of carbohydrates, an interest that led to the two books found on this website.

This is a picture or Roger and Edie Binkley

Roger is presently an Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Cleveland State University and an Affiliate Scholar at Oberlin College. Edie has an undergraduate degree in chemistry and spent many years teaching the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school system. Both authors are graduates of Drew University. The picture on the left was taken in September of 2012 at the 50th reunion of Drew University's Class of 1962. Roger also graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin in 1966.

In addition to her interest in chemistry, Edie is a avid flower gardener. She has a prize-winning collection in the front yard of her home. She also faithfully practices yoga. Roger enjoys distance running, a hobby that he "picked up" more that forty years ago; in addition, he likes to raise vegetables and is, of course, an organic gardener. The couple has two children. Their son is a Professor of Computer Science at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD, and their daughter owns a natural-foods market and cafe in Oberlin.

The authors can be reached at their email address is which is CarbohydrateRadical at gmail.com